Hi guys, welcome to my simply blog.

Okay, my truly name is Febryana S, everyone calls me Febry or Ebik but actually i prefer Ebik to Febry. Simple, ebik is shorter than Febry is, so it makes you easier if you will call me. I’m 19 YO now(2016). My last education is senior high school. I am Indonesian and belong to Sragen, Central Java, the place of Sangiran Museum.

I’m a amateur blogger. I write anything in my head and i know most of them are my own less of knowledge and lesson story, sorry for that. Honestly i do want everything in my blog is good enough to read, so that you won’t be regret for visiting my blog. It’s okay, i’ll always learn to be a better blogger hehe.

I write in English and Bahasa intentionally because i realize that i have bad English, so i have to learn and practice as much as possible. My blog is one of my way to improve my English skill.

The limits of your language is the limits of your world.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

I think that’s all guys.

With Love

Febryana S




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