I am sorry before, because this post isn’t important for you guys, but I don’t care, THIS IS MY BLOG.

Sebenarnya kehidupan remaja itu gimana?

Oke, aku tahu itu pertanyaan bodoh, why you didn’t ask to yourself Feb? Are you forget if you are a teenager?

When I stalked my friend’s social media, I felt their life is so distant for me. They looked so enjoy, they have a lot of friend, they often spent their time together, they have story with their friends. I compared with my life, that is so opposite, my life is so far from that. Sometime I felt so jealous.

I am a teenager, but I don’t feel something like they feel.

I asked one of my friend about it. You know, her answer…like one thousand torn stabbed in my heart. Oh my God, when I remember the answer, it’s so hurt.

However her words realized me that I can’t live without others, so I need friends and must find them, and I shouldn’t stay and wait others come to me, common, wake up! WHO I AM?




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